Centered Horizontal Menu

I was recently working on a website design and was trying to get each menu link to be separated by a vertical line. I wanted this to be dynamic as menu items would be added automatically trough the content management system so i wanted to avoid hard coding borders or pipe ( | ) between between the links. the main difficulty i was having was to remove the vertical line on the start of the menu or end depending on whether I used left borders or right borders. After researching the w3c CSS documentation and some web searches I found a dynamic solution that achieved the layout I was aiming for.
The best method I found that would easily fit in with the web site's design was to use the :first-child Pseudo CSS selector. This allowed me to apply a style, in this case a left border to each child of a container tag.
Here is the HTML code:

  1. <div id="nav">
  2. <ul id="nav-list">
  3. <li class="menu-item"><a href="#">Home</a></li>
  4. <li class="menu-item"><a href="#">About</a></li>
  5. <li class="menu-item"><a href="#">Contact</a></li>
  6. </ul>
  7. </div>

And The CSS:

  1. #nav{
  2. margin: 0;
  3. padding: 0;
  4. text-align:center;
  5. font-size:1.3em;
  6. }
  8. #nav ul#nav-list{
  9. clear: both;
  10. list-style-type: none;
  11. margin: 0;
  12. padding: 0;
  13. display:inline-block;
  14. text-align:center;
  15. }
  17. #nav ul#nav-list li{
  18. float: none;
  19. margin: 0;
  20. padding: 0;
  21. display:inline-block;
  22. border-left:1px solid #000;
  23. text-align:center;
  24. }
  26. #nav ul#nav-list li:first-child{
  27. border:none;
  28. }
  29. #nav ul#nav-list li a{
  30. color:#000;
  31. text-decoration:none;
  32. padding: 0 2em 0 2em;
  33. }

For me the key in this solution is on line 26 of the CSS which removes all borders from the first list item.
Centered horizontal menu example

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